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NEW Win*Star Version 4.0
Each version 6.0 program includes all of the features of version 2.05, with much more added as well. Click on the Win*Star link to see these 2.05 features: Win*Star

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Winning Times is here!

 Know the exact moments when your luck will be at its peak, and your winning potential at maximum power. Good for the timing of all events, such as in gambling, business or love. Graphs & Reports


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Four powerful, easy-to-use programs that integrate into one menu, working as one system:

1. WinStar Express [charts and interpretations]

2. Astro*Talk personal Express report.

3. Time*Line personal Express report

4.  Friends & Lovers personal Express report.

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Day Watch: It's new, it's unique, create your own astro-calendars

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