Win*Star Plus Techniques

Designed for advanced and specialist astrologers (as well as beginners), Win*Star Plus 2.05 handles offers charting routines for Cosmobiology, Uranian astrology, Horary and Relocation.

Cosmobiology is a new approach to astrology developed by Reinhold Ebertin. Using only Ascendant and Midheaven angles, this system eliminates houses as a factor in chart analysis. Cosmobiology uses the 90° dial and graphic ephemeris as basic tools, and focuses on delineation of midpoint structure patterns. Graphs include progressed life diagrams and transit graphs with natal positions included. Charts are progressed using solar arc directions.

Dial 90
This is a 360-degree wheel with two 90-degree dials for cutting out and moving around the wheel. They are designed to tack down to a board and are useful in Cosmobiology.

Bi-Dial Wheel (Color)
This color wheel allows comparison between two sets of data.

Uranian astrology, which developed with the Hamburg School, uses 90- and 45-degree dials and midpoints extensively. Uranian astrologers also use the hypothetical Uranian or "Trans-Neptunian" planets. Win*Star has a wide variety of features helpful to the Uranian astrologer.

Star Dial
This 90-degree dial was designed by Matrix for renowned Uranian astrologer, Arlene Kramer.

Uranian Wheel
The Uranian zodiac wheel has the rising sign centered at left, aspect lines in the center, and houses and zodiac indicated in concentric outer rings.

Horary astrology is for answering questions based on the time the question is asked. There are many techniques specific to Horary astrology, and Win*Star has a wide range of them. Win*Star includes Lilly point totals, Essential Dignities, and chart forms that show the movement of the Moon and horary strictures.

Horary 1
This horary form has a four-day aspect scale, elements, dignities, declination, latitude, motion, planetary day and hour, lunar aspects table, and tables for rulership and timing

Horary 2
Another specialized Horary wheel with a variety of predictive features.

Local Space Astrology is the study of prediction based a given location, viewing the chart as a map of the 360 degrees of the horizon surrounding an event, such as one's birth. The various planets' positions are then plotted on it. Local Space can be used to determine favorable directions to turn for certain endeavors.

Local Map Wheel
This is a local space map with an open wheel and planets in horizon coordinates. It has 0 degrees = East on the right (3 o'clock position) and 90 degrees = N at top, aspect lines, as well as planet and aspect tables.

Local Space Wheel
A Local Space wheel with planet positions shown in azimuth & altitude as pioneered by Michael Erlewine. 0 degrees = E at left, and 90 degrees = N at bottom.

Relocation is based upon the idea that when one changes direction, even though the planets in the chart stay the same (in degree and minute), the house cusps change. In a new location there is then a new ascendant and midheaven which give that location a different potential.

Relocation Map
The Win*Star Plus 2.05 Maps section is an excellent tool for doing locational astrology (Astro*Cartography). Here is a sample of a map that was easily created using Win*Star.

Relocation Chart (QWheel)
You can see relocated charts instantly onscreen when you click on any location on a map.


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