Win*Star Plus Publishers Assistant

Publisher's Assistant serves as a reliable tool for saving Win*Star chart wheels in a variety of graphic file formats. Wheels can be easily re-sized for cut & paste or file insertion using your favourite word processor or publishing program. Publisher's Assistant can be operated without Win*Star. Either way, it accesses your Current Charts files, and their associated chart forms.

Publisher's Assistant consists of a simple menu which displays the highlighted chart wheel in its standard size. You type in the new desired size for an existing wheel and it re-sizes the wheel accordingly. For example, perhaps you want to include a chart wheel in an article you're writing. A full-sized 8"x 8" wheel (one that would fill an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper) would be way too large; you'd like one half the size. Just type 4" in the menu's "width" field, click the "adjust to width" feature, and the wheel will automatically reduce to a 4" square wheel -- perfect for insertion on a magazine page. See for yourself!

Wheel Options are included for saving the Win*Star chart wheels in 18 different graphic formats, with shortcut buttons for .BMP and .Meta(file) formats. Entire chart wheels can also be placed on your clipboard for instant copy & paste transfer. It couldn't be easier!

You can use this simple program to create resized charts for use in desktop publishing.

This wheel is sized down from 8" to 5". In this demo screen representation you're seeing a .gif file, which can't appear as clear as the .metafile which would actually be used for printing. The program offers a one-click copy of any re-sized image in both .bmp and .metafile formats.


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