Win*Star Plus Databse


Win*Star's database is the storehouse for all of your charts. Charts can be sorted and stored by category and easily displayed and accessed via numerous filters and sorts. Notes can be appended to charts and searches created to scan the database finding and grouping charts by selected similarities.

Chart Database
Data from each chart is displays in a tabular format. All charts in the selected chart file are displayed.

Chart Database Folders
Charts can be flagged by category, keyword, and attribututes you can apply for easy sorting and filtering.

Win*Search (a Win*Star Plus 2.05 Feature) provides the ability to search and examine the records (charts) in the Win*Star Plus 2.05 chart database files. With it you can create database files and copy charts between files. Extensive astrological search parameters can be set and applied to any size database file, making research simple and swift. Charts can be displayed in both graphs and chart wheels.

WinSearch 1
Use this simple, clickable menu to set the search criteria used when exploring the highlighted chart file.

WinSearch 2
Colorful graphs will display search results, providing an easy method to display trends within the chart file.


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