Win*Star Plus 2.05 – Included in all version 4 programs: Basic, Extended and Professional

Win*Star Plus 2.05 is the ultimate Professional astrology software package. It is designed to meet the needs of experienced and advanced astrologers.
Matrix began a revolution by creating the first astrology software in 1977. Not only did it change the way astrologers work, it opened the astrological portal to anyone with the desire to explore this fascinating science.

Win*Star Plus 2.05 is the product of nearly 25 years of development. No other astrology software is as complete, or as well thought out as WinStar.
Why? Because WinStar wasn't created in a void by a group of programmers sitting is a windowless room.
Win*Star Plus 2.05 is the result of our programmer/astrologers working with the thousands of astrologers worldwide that use our software. Without this critical collaboration, and feedback from people who actually put our software to the "reality" test every day, Win*Star Plus 2.05 would be just another piece of astrology software.

Win*Star Plus 2.05 includes over 300 beautiful wheels and chart forms, a complete mapping module, the most powerful search available, a graphic ephemeris, the complete ACS U.S. and International atlas, a sophisticated transit viewer, an Astro*Clock, and much more. Win*Star Plus 2.05 is a complete astrologer's toolbox for people who refuse to settle for anything but the best.

(Click here to show 3 of Win*Star's 200+ wheels.)

(Click here to pop up a selection of multiple wheels.)

(Click here to pop up a selection of speciality wheels.)

(Click here to pop up an 22K graphic showing how Win*Star can tile multiple charts at once.)

(Click here to pop up an 14K graphic showing how Win*Star cascades multiple charts.)

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Win*Star now includes updated U.S. and International atlas of over 250,000 locations in 225 countries.!


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Features & Examples

Are you new to astrology or astrology software?

No matter what you're told, no software can be designed to meet the needs of both beginning and experienced astrologers. Someone will be cheated. That is why Matrix offers software appropriate to your skills and needs.

If you are just beginning your astrological explorations, whether as a serious student or just for you own information and enjoyment, we suggest that you look at Win*Star Express.

This is a powerful charting and calculation program with an impressive array of features, including on-screen and printable interpretations. Win*Star Express meets the same exacting standards for precision and accuracy as our Win*Star Plus, but is designed to help you quickly master astrological terminology and technique, as well prepare you for more advanced astrology software. Matrix also provides an upgrade path which gives you full credit for your purchase of Win*Star Express when you are ready to move up to Win*Star Plus 2.05