Matrix Starter Pack

Attention: Non-Astrologers, Student Astrologers, and
Amateur Astrologers:

If you want to get started in astrology the right way, you need the right tools - that means the right software. Professional-level programs can be totally overwhelming and scare you away from astrology forever. That would be a shame. Settling for some questionable piece of shareware or someone's knocked-down version of their bigger program can be equally as frustrating and a waste of your time and money.

Matrix Software has been introducing people to astrology for nearly 27 years. We know astrology and we know how people use astrology software. We designed and created the programs in our Express Personal collection specifically for those of you new to astrology, and for the serious amateur. These programs meet the same exacting standards for precision and quality that have made our Professional programs the standard by which all astrology software is judged. Express programs are easy to use - you'll be creating charts along with comprehensive professional-quality interpretations within minutes from the time you activate your new software. In addition, the programs contain a range of helpful learning tools that let you quickly build your understanding of astrological terms and techniques. All Matrix Software also comes with free lifetime technical support from an experienced professional staff that can help you with any questions you may have.

Important Note: When you feel that you are ready to move up to Professional-level programs, Matrix will apply 100% of your Express purchase price to the regular purchase price of the titles you upgrade.

Starter Package Includes:

Win*Star Express – this is the program that will let you quickly and easily create accurate traditional astrology charts. Click on any planet in the chart and a pop-up interpretation will help teach you how to read your charts fast. Win*Star Express is the top choice of new astrologers. Lots more great features help you learn astrology fast.
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Astro*Talk Express – this is the finest birth horoscope report software ever created. It gives you a detailed, comprehensive interpretation of a chart that is easy to read and understand.
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Friends and Lovers Express – the ultimate relationship report software! Whether you are comparing friends, co-workers, mates or potential lovers the reports you produce will give you a clear picture of how the two will relate.
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Time Line Express – forecasting is one of the main jobs an astrologer is asked to do. Timeline report software lets you move back and forth through time with the click of a button. You can truly know what's in someone's future.
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Starter package includes the complete, professional ACS, U.S. and International atlas for accurate chart and report calculation.




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