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Note1:  All matrix products are priced in $. Prices in Sterling and Euros are determined from the exchange rates. Currently there are swings in this rate which may require price adjustments up or down. You would always be notified of this prior to a purchase.
**All programs are Win-10 compatible**



Win*Star version 6:
Win*Star - $180

Win*Star - Extended - $225
- Professional - $360
Horizons. Locality astrology for both beginner and pro. $135
NEW: Matrix Search The most powerful search program ever.


1. Winning Times. Select the best time to gamble, propose marriage, or ask for a pay increase:$135 

2. Day Watch . A great calendar program! $180

3. ACG Explained. The best locational report in astrology. $180
4. MidPoint Keys. The only of its kind. $144

5. WS Express; Sale $63

6. WW Pro Report-writing Business Package. $499, usually $899.85. See packages below.
7.Commercial Tarot.
£69 or Euro77 [$99.95]

8. Personal Tarot £39 or Euro 42 [$49.95]  

Sale Packages:
Professional versions

10. WW Pro Report-writing business package in English, Spanish and other languages: AstroTalk, Friends & Lovers, and Time Line $499.95, usually $900. Check with Martin for availability in other languages.

Amateur [Express] versions

11. Beginners Express Starter Pack: WS Express and 3 Express Witers: AstroTalk Express, Friends & lovers Express and Time Line Express for $200 usually $300. Check with Martin for availability in many other languages!

More sale prices follow. Contact Martin for low Euroor £ prices:

Win*Writer Pro Software

1. Sky Log:   $180

2. Sky Within:    $180

3. Friends & Lovers;   $180

4. Time Line:  $180

5. Astro*Talk:   $180

6. Spiritual Path:  $180

7. Past Lives  $180

8. Child*Star:  $180

9. Simpaticos:  $180

10. Relating Potential: $90

11. Astro*Carto*Graphy Explained:  $180

12. Opportunities:  $90

13. Heaven Knows What:   $113

14. Lunar Return: $90

15. Solar Return Predictions:   $180

16. Asteroids:  $90

17. Just for Women:  $113

18. Life progressions:  $90

19. Solar Arc Predictions: $45

20. Professional tarot - commercial: $99.95

Win*Writer Pro Software in Spanish

1. Friends & Lovers;  $180

2. Time Line:   $180

3. Astro*Talk:  $180

4. Child*Star:   $180

Check with Martin for Pro and Express Writer software titles in: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish.

WinWriter Express -Personal Software

All Express versions: :$59.95

WinStar Express:$63

Other Great Programs

1. Pro Tarot - Personal version: Sale:$45

2. BioWriter: : $27


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Locality Consultations with Martin Davis
To see Martin's new locality mapping website. click here

Do you have questions about where to live, where to work or where to find love?
Using Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space I provide a highly recommended consulting service to pinpoint
these areas and issues in your life. Many of you know I am the author of astrology’s only textbook on the locality field, “Astrolocality Astrology” and have lectured widely around the globe. Please contact me for information on my consulting services or for a dedicated copy of my book, which was the SPICA award-winner for best astrology book for the year 2000. Click here for details.

Consultations consist of a review of your transits and progressions. Then there is a global review of world locations for you. A written report is provided.