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Midpoint Keys $144 - check here for current price reductions

The word is coming in from professional astrologers. Here's one:

" I absolutely love the midpoint keys. When I got it I had meant to use it mainly for natal midpoints but I am now finding that my clients love having an annual report including transits, directions and progressions."

Midpoint Keys - At last, a detailed analysis of one’s midpoints by noted astrologer Laura DesJardins. Bring midpoints into your astrological world. This report has been designed for professionals and serious students seeking to develop their use of midpoints in chart analysis. Several levels of interpretation are given: emotional, spiritual, physical and health.

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for Arnold Schwarzenegger (136 pages)
RTF(1035k) PDF (601k)


Day Watch: $180

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Day Watch
Create personalized calendars based on a specific natal chart.



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