Horizons is here!

Matrix Software presents Horizons.

NEW: The 21st century astromapping software

The most feature-rich mapping software today, while easy to use.

Professional Astrologers and Counselors, you will appreciate the range of tools the program offers, giving you incredible flexibility and the ability to efficiently evaluate a location or group of locations even while you have a client on the phone. The fluid interface lets you move easily through different considerations and perspectives. This is your program.

Amateur astrologers, novices, students, and non-astrologers, you will enjoy the extensive interpretations, easy-to-read and understand graphs that let you easily compare and evaluate locations, as well as theme maps that show you precisely where particular influences lie on your personal chart/map. With a few clicks you can even create your own themes, and then map them instantly! This is powerful stuff.

Just some of Horizons many features:

Hi-resolution maps ideal for quality printing. You can also export them in formats ideal for easy e-mailing to your clients anywhere in the world.

Extensive reports including: Planet line interpretations for Relocation, Relationship, Composite, C*C*G, and Transit reports, with additional interpretive text for aspects, midpoints, parans, and Local Space. Add chart wheels, maps, and scoring graphs to your reports, and output them in PDF and other formats.

Total flexibility in choosing what to display and how to display it including planets (Uranians and key asteroids too), aspects, midpoints, parans. Click a button and instantly display house influences across a selected geographic area.

A mouse click will also let you display a relocated natal wheel, composite, transit, CycloCartoGraphy, or Local Space for any location. No fumbling with menus, just click and you have your chartwheel.

Select Local Space, click on a location and display all of the lines from that location, jump to another location, click, and display.

Move around the world like you're in your private jet; choose a region, a continent, or a specific location. Click the mouse and zoom in for a close-up. Right click and widen the view to see what's around you.

Quickly add or delete cities from your maps using the complete ACS atlas with over 258,000 locations included free with your Horizons program.

City Scoring: this is an innovative and simple way to evaluate any city or cities you select. Create your own list of cities and move back and forth through the display to compare the significance of whatever planet or planets you select in an easy-to-read graph. There is no easier way to evaluate any locations you might be considering anywhere on the planet.

Horizons is available a part of Matrix's 4 for 3 offer.

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Locality Consultations with Martin Davis

Do you have questions about where to live, where to work or where to find love?
Using Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space I provide a highly recommended consulting service to pinpoint
these areas and issues in your life. Many of you know I am the author of astrology's only textbook on the locality field, Astrolocality Astrology, and have lectured widely around the globe. Please contact me for information on my consulting services or for a dedicated copy of my book, which was the SPICA award-winner for best astrology book for the year 2000. Contact me for details.

Consultations consist of a review of your transits and progressions. Then there is a global review of world locations for you. A tape and relevant maps are provided.